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Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Squishy Items

Hi, Kiru here!  

Recently, we have added 3 new types of Squishies online at Tofu Cute, a brand new set of kawaii charms, and 2 new types of wrist rests. ^o^ Today we are going to take a closer look at these new adorable products!

First of all we have the brand new Kawaii Squishy Cat Doughnut Charm, available in 4 varieties: Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and Green Tea.

These lovely little kitties are made from a squeezable, squishy foam that's super addictive to squish! They each have a stretchy phone strap which makes them super easy to attach to your purse, bag or phone! I have popped the strawberry "flavour" onto my mobile, doesn't she look great? =^● ω ●^= 

Each charm has a soft lovable expression, which I personally find adorable. Another fantastic feature are their super sweet sticky-up ears, which any cat lover would instantly fall in love with. Lastly, my favourite feature about them is their underbelly! When you turn these kawaii kitties over, just like a real icing covered doughnut they have a doughy coloured underside, which just adds that extra cute factor, don't you think?

(After reviewing these, I just had to have one for myself so I bought a Green Tea one! Shhh don't tell! ;3)
If you can't resist them either you can find them here:


The next item is a super practical one! These are Kawaii Squishy Animal Wrist Rests! Available as 3 different animals, Bewildered Panda, Cheeky Alpaca or Sweet Pink Bear. (My personal favourite is Bewildered Panda, I liked him so much I bought him for myself as well! Shhhh, nobody can know! O.O )

Each character has their own personality to cheer you up while you're at your desk, studying hard, writing essays, (or shopping at Tofu Cute) ;D

They are soft and super squishable, not to mention extremely comfortable for an aching wrist. They unfortunately aren't very smart, so they may not be able to help you with homework, however they do double as fantastic stress toys, and even if squeezing them doesn't help relive stress, their cuteness is sure to help cure any worries you may have! ^o^

If you would like a friend for your desk you can find these kawaii critters here:

The last item we will look at today is the Squishy Rilakkuma Dorayaki Wrist Rest

If you're a fan of Japanese deserts you may recognise these as dorayaki, a delicious sandwich made of 2 pancakes with a creamy filling in the middle. As you can see these dorayaki are in the shape of Rilakkuma perfect for any fan of Rilakkuma, San-X or anything kawaii! ;3

They both come inside this cute authentic San-X packaging, featuring a cute image of a plate of dorayaki with strawberries and cream, as well as Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma having lunch. ^-^

As well as being totally kawaii they, just like the animal wrist rests would look perfect on your desk! They are also made from squishable foam, but are a little firmer than the animal wrist rests, for those who prefer a little more support as they work. They come in two varieties, a normal Rilakkuma face and a sleepy one! (I think he's done too much homework already! ^o^ ) 
If you love these adorable and totally Japanese wrist rests you can find them here:

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you enjoyed getting a closer look at our newest items!

~ Your Social Media Team Member - Kiru! ^o^

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