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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Taste of Luxury

Hello again, it's Kiru ^^

Today I will be taking a closer look with you, at some of the more mature and luxurious Japanese chocolates available at Tofu Cute, I want to show you that although they may not have wacky and cute packaging that they are truly delicious! (°◇°;)

First off I want to show Meiji Melty Kiss, currently available in three flavours: Green TeaStrawberry and Creamy Milk.

Fun Fact! (*≧▽≦)
Melty Kiss is seasonally produced in Japan, because the chocolate it's made of is developed to melt at a low temperature. It's only made winter never in summer because by the time it gets to us here in the UK it would have melted; which explains why you don't see it all year round at Tofu Cute.

Today I am going to try Green Tea Melty Kiss, (
Green Tea is also known as Matcha in Japan) I have chosen to review this one as it's the most unique of the three flavours, one that some of you may never had tried before. The box itself is beautifully designed, it has little golden snow flakes all over, with a push open flap that reveals little individually wrapped chocolates (maybe to remind you not to eat them all at once >< )

As you can see the outside is a rich creamy chocolate dusted with cocoa powder and the inside is actually green! The taste is sweet and creamy with a hint of bitterness just like the real flavour of green tea which is absolutely mouth watering.

The strawberry flavour has a pink creamy strawberry chocolate in the middle and the Creamy Milk is chocolate all the way through. These would make delicious gifts for a partner for Valentines Day or for Mothers day which is coming up at the end of March for us here in the UK! Or if you think they might be a little too tasty.. why not treat yourself? ;D

The next product I want to share with you is a relatively brand new product here at Tofu Cute: 
Meiji Almond These are an absolute must try for people who love their nuts! They make a wonderful present for friends and just to make them super special, they are Vegetarian friendly as well. ^^ 

The first thing that surprised me is that almonds inside are as large as the photos on the box. *_* Waaaaa~ giant almonds! The creamy chocolate coating is thick, smooth and shiny and definitely inviting. When you bite into them, the almonds have a soft crunch which is really more-ish, this turns out to be pretty dangerous as the box actually has a sneaky slide out tray which makes for easy access.. Oops..

I think these scrumptious chocolate smothered almonds are particularly under-rated and have quickly become one of my personal favourites, I was also impressed with the amount you get in each box, each one is packed pretty tight!

The third product I want to share with you is another scrumptious treat from Meiji: Feel Mint.

Fun Fact! (*≧▽≦)

Meiji chocolate is as famous in Japan to Cadbury in the UK or Hershey in the USA

Feel mint, which is a little like After 8 mints, is perfect for after that romantic meal, or just in front of your favourite anime! Each thin stick is individually wrapped and is made of two layers, one rich milk chocolate and one of creamy mint chocolate.

When I bit into the chocolatey stick I was surprised by its crisp, crackly, crumbliness which I absolutely adore, I find the snap-ability quite addictive, the combination of texture and flavour all together makes them particularly refreshing.

The last product I will show you today is another seasonal speciality, this time from Glico. 
Glico as most of you will know is the company that make the hugely famous Pocky and that is precisely what I am going to show you today. 

Winter Pocky, is more than delicious, it tastes like smooth and creamy hot chocolate. Just like normal pocky it consists of a biscuit stick coated in chocolate however, Winter Pocky is different. The chocolate is thick and infact tastes as though it were thickly smothered in melty kiss chocolate, coated with a dusting of cocoa powder.

Inside you get an amazing, four packets of pocky each one with six thick richly covered pocky sticks, which is fabulous as it means you can savour the pack. (´∀`)

That's everything for today! What a lovely selection of delicious snacks! Thank you for taking the time to read this post,  make sure to get yours while they're still available as most of these luxury chocolates are only around for a little while until they are made again in winter! (・ω・)b

~ Until next time! Your Social Media Team Member - Kiru! ^o^

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