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Friday, 21 February 2014

MCM Midlands Comic Con

Hello, nice to meet you! I'm 'Miss Tofu' ♥

I'll be your event reporter here at Tofu Cute, and if you happen to come along to any of our events you might just meet me too! (๑^ᴗ<๑) Last weekend, 15th February, was our first convention of the year! 

It was in Telford, not far from Birmingham UK, at the MCM Expo Midlands Comic Con. 
We had a long stand full to bursting with lots and lots of yummy Japanese snacks and super kawaii goodies like adorable detailed charms, cute alpaca plushies and cases as well as big squishy Mameshibas'! (♥><♥)

We have the widest variety of Japanese snacks in the UK, so we bought along as many as we could fit, including lots of flavours of Pocky including some of my personal favourites Matcha Mouse Pocky, Panda Pocky and Winter Pocky. (They are so delicious!) What flavours do you like? ^^ 
As you can see we also had lots of chewy sweets like PucchoHi-chew and even rare yummy fizzing sour ones like Awawawawa Balls. *_*

We met lots of lovely fans of Tofu Cute! Lots of them had been to Tofu Cute before and even visited our online store, we saw lots of cute girls and boys with our kawaii Tofu Cute tote bags!

Katie, Chloe, Rei and Ellie sporting a Tofu Cute tote bag ♥
We loved Miku's cute pinky style ^^
Kawaii Lolita Miho with her hidden Alpaca tote ♥
There were lots of people walking around looking at all the different stalls. 
MCM Midlands Comic Con is one of the smaller conventions we go to, which we particularly enjoy as we get to speak to lots of people without the mad rush of the bigger conventions. It's a really nice chance to get to speak to our long term customers about what they've enjoyed over the past years when we've come along and what they might like to see in the future! 
We really enjoy friendly cons like these, it's important to us to keep attending smaller cons as it's where we first acquired a lot of our longest loyal fans. ♥ (ノ´∀`)

We worked really hard all day, making sure each and every customer found what they were looking for and were really happy. You can find a majority of our items that we take to conventions on our website, however some of the things we take along to conventions, such as our bigger plushies, Pocky bags and Ramune Soda drinks are event exclusive items only! So come along next time and don't miss your chance to get some amazing Japanese treats!  

Myself with Rob Senpai and Zanni Chan >o< ♥
That's everything for today! Thank you again for taking the time to read this post. 
Our upcoming events for the next month will be Minami Con, Birmingham MCM Expo Comic Con and Kitacon. We'll see you there! (。・ω・)ノ゙ 

- Your event reporter - Miss Tofu ♥ ^^

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