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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Brand New Exciting Snacks

Hello again, Kiru here ^o^

This week we've had a big delivery of lots of delicious snacks all the way from Japan, including a few new ones that even we haven't seen before! So exciting O(≧∇≦)O 
And here they are! ^^ *drum roll please*

The first of our new products we'll take a look at today is our two new flavours of Puccho by Uha.
They are Premium White Soda flavour Puccho and Maboroshi no Orange flavour Puccho.
Lets take a closer look!

This is Premium White Soda flavour Puccho. It is particularly refreshing as the flavour is a hybrid between Soda flavour Puccho, which is sharp and fizzy and the 100,000,000 flavour Puccho which is very yoghurty tasting. I personally really like this flavour as it has a mixture of creaminess and tanginess, and unfortunately for me the 100,000,000 flavour Puccho has recently been discontinued and was one of my favourites, so this new flavour is great for anybody craving for that particular Puccho. ^^

The next Puccho is Maboroshi no Orange, which roughly translates to Visionary Orange. ^^ You may be wondering how this compares to Mandarin flavour Puccho? Firstly the vivid tangy orange is complimented by lime and grapefruit juices, creating a celebration of zesty citric flavours. Secondly It's a little sourer than Mandarin with a pleasant kick and a hint of fizziness that really pops in the mouth! A definite must try for any fans of citrus or tropical flavours.

Next we have an exciting more authentic flavoured snack: Matcha Latte Saku Saku Panda.  Saku Saku Panda are adorable little panda face biscuits with one side covered in thick creamy chocolate. (In Japan Green tea is also known as Matcha) Matcha is a very distinct flavour, it is sweet and creamy with a hint of bitterness. A matcha latte is a drink made of hot milk with matcha powder stirred in, so as you can imagine it's extra creamy and delicious. (*-*) 
These super kawaii snacks are perfect for those who want to try a very Japanese flavour in a totally adorable form, or for those who are already big matcha fans to indulge in their green tea needs! (^o<) (Don't worry I wont tell hehe)  

Now we have another exciting new product, Meiji Rich Strawberry Chocolate. This scrumptious luxury chocolate bar is made with 70% fresh pressed strawberry juice. Upon the first bite the flavour is at first milky and creamy, then a burst of pure strawberry flavour starts to appear which is totally mouth-watering and unfairly more-ish. As you can see the packaging is elegant and shines a brilliant strawberry red, perfect as a gift for any strawberry lover, mother, partner or friend! ^o^

Lastly we come to a new in-house favourite here at Tofu Cute: Meiji Banana Chocolate, made with 70% pressed banana juice, while also being luxuriously packaged in shining brilliant bright yellow wrapping.
The flavour works in the opposite way to the strawberry one, as the banana flavour is very vivid and pops on your taste buds, and is very reminiscent of a delicious sweet creamy banana desert, such as banoffee pie or a banana split! Before you know it you'll be staring blankly at the empty wrapper in your lap wondering where it all went. (*_*;;)
This would be the perfect gift for any banana loving friend, if you don't eat it first that is!

Just to finish up today's post, I just had to include a photo of our little Meiji chocolate family! ^o^ So cute!

Well that's everything for today; what an exciting selection of new delicious snacks! Thank you for taking the time to read this post,  and make sure you give them a try at let us know what you think! (>ω<)b

Until next time -  Your Social Media Team Member - Kiru! ^o^

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