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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Let's Make Popin Cookin Sushi

Hi there, it's Kiru ^o^

Recently at Tofu Cute we've got some brand new DIY Candy kits which will be available on our website soon, I will also be doing a few blog posts showing them off once I've practised! >o<  

This week I am making one of our famous older DIY candy kits by Kracie, Popin' Cooking Sushi!! (*)ノ

Popin' Cooking Sushi is one of our most famous DIY candy kits from Japan, reasonably priced at only £5.99.
In this kit you get to make 4 different types of sushi, 3 nigiri and one maki, as well as soy sauce 
in tasty candy form.
Although the whole kit may look a little fishy its actually a lovely grape soda flavour! ^^ 

I would say due to its many steps this might not be the best for an absolute beginner, however this was my first attempt at making it and I feel it turned out great, so don't be shy, give it a try ~

So lets get started! This is the contents you will receive inside each Popin' Cookin Sushi. 
A plastic mixing pallet with six dishes, 6 different sachets of powder, 1 edible dough, a cute tiny spoon and one little pipette squeezer! You will also need a cup with a little water and some scissors. The packet that the tray comes in can be cut and laid out flat for you to place your sushi once you've made them, there are also handy guides to help with measuring ^^

Firstly look for the fill lines in dish marked '1' (it's the rings around the middle!), now fill with water up to this line. Next find the first sachet (it's the big blue one) Carefully open with scissors and pour the powder into the dish. Now quickly stir, stir stir with the little spoon. You know you've done it right when its it starts to go all fluffy and lumpy and resembles sushi rice. (* >ω<) How cool is that?

Give the spoon a quick rinse so it's nice and clean! Now you need the next two packets (The yellow and the pink) The yellow makes Tamago/Egg Omelette and the pink makes Tuna.
With your pipette fill the two long dishes up to their fill line.

Open up the yellow one and carefully pour it into the left tray (the dish with rings) then stir, stir, stir.
Once its all mixed in flatten it down and leave it to set.
Now open the pink one and do exactly the same thing into the dish on the right (the dish with the wiggles).

The next part is exactly like Dodotto!
Once again using your pipette, fill both dishes A and B with water up to their fill lines.
Then take the green sachet and pour into dish A at the top. Stir that until it dissolves ~
Next take the orange and stir that into dish B until dissolved. Then using your pipette suck up some of the orange liquid. Hold the pipette 3cm above the blue liquid and gently squeeze. Continue this over and over until all the orange liquid is gone and you have a dish full of magical gummy balls!

Next we must form our rice bases, just like a sushi chef ^o^ Start by scooping all the rice onto your cut out packet and break the rice into 4 even sized blobs. The gently shape them with your fingers into 3 rectangles and one ball (~‾⌣‾)~
Once dish '1' is empty give it a quick little wipe with some kitchen towel or a cloth as we need this for the soy sauce later ~

Now we need the nori for our gunkan maki! Take the small dark green rectangle and with your fingers lightly stretch it on the mat until it fills up the rectangle! Now wrap it carefully around the bottom left rice base.

Now get a generous scoop of the gummy fish roe balls and pile it on top! That's one finished Sushi! Don't worry if you didnt use all of them we need a few for the last sushi we make.

Now lets make the next two sushi o(`ω´*)o Take your spoon and make a cut about one third into the Tamago and lift the longer part out. Now pop this on to your top right rice base. Repeat with the Tuna onto the top left rice base. The bits left in the dishes are for our last sushi.

On to our final sushi! щ(ºДºщ) With the pieces of Tamago and Tuna we have left, using your spoon cut them up into little pieces and place one on top of the other on the little rice ball. Next take some of the gummy fish roe and place them on the top! You now have a little tower of sushi! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

We're at the finish line, lastly onto the soy sauce. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑  Using your pipette fill up dish '1' again then take your last sachet and mix it all up until its dissolved. Now using your pipette, suck up some of the sauce and lightly squirt it onto your tuna nigiri and tamago nigiri. 

Yatta! It is completed \(*T▽T*)/ You are now qualified Popin' Cooking Sushi Masters! Let's take a step back and marvel at our creations before we tuck in! ;3

And there we have it! Phew what a long post that was!
Well that's everything for today, thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope you found it helpful and got you wanting to try out our DIY Candy kits.

You can find our range here: Japanese DIY candy kits

Check back again soon for more tutorials of our newest products! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Until next time -  Your Social Media Team Member - Kiru! ^o^

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