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Thursday, 8 May 2014

We're "AMUSE"d about Alpacas

Hello, Kiru here! ^^

Today is a very alpaca-ry day, and we have some big alpaca-ry news.

As some of you may have spotted on Facebook, Tofu Cute is excited to announce that we are now the official UK & Europe distributors of AMUSE products! 

Now what exactly does this mean? You may be thinking, who even are Amuse? 

Well, Amuse are the kawaii plush toy company who are responsible for Alpacasso, the super cute and highly 'squee' inducing little plush alpacas. In Japan there are lots of huge kawaii arcades with UFO catcher machines, and Amuse are the main stockists of these addictive machines!

As we are now the official Amuse distributors in the UK & Europe, this means that we now have access to the full range of Alpacasso products, as well as keeping up to date with the newest releases, some never seen outside of Japan. How exciting! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

We would like to celebrate our big news with a launch of two new ranges of products from Alpacasso.

Firstly, these super cute plush alpaca charms. 
Alpacasso Ribbon Collection Plush Charm
They are made of super fuzzy stuffed plush material and have decorative bow ties adorned with patterns. Two of the alpaca styles come with plastic charms attached to the bow, and two have a metal star outline charm. No two Alpacasso alpacas are exactly the same - some are a little more chubby or have a slightly different expression! Each alpaca comes with a handy stretchy cord, so you can attach it to your phone, keys or bag.

Aren't they adorable? ( ^.^)ノ

Our second product, you could say, are their older siblings!
They are made from super soft furry stuffed plush material and wear love-themed rosettes that say either "Love Me" or "I Love You". No two Alpacasso alpacas are exactly the same - some are a little more chubby or have a slightly different expression! For the alpaca doubters out there, the great thing about alpacas is that they don't spit like llamas, and they have far more personality than a sheep. They would look adorable sitting on your desk or shelf, and there are five styles to choose from - or if you can't decide, why not adopt all five!

Which range do you prefer ~ big or small? ^^

Now lastly, because no one can really have enough alpaca for one day, here's a funny photo that we caught of some naughty alpacas messing around in our photo studio. It's ever so rude, shield your eyes >-<

Well that's everything for today; what an exciting slice of news! Make sure to keep an eye out for new Alpacasso products in the near future. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and make sure you check out all our cute alpaca products on our website! (>ω<)b 

Until next time -  Your Social Media Team Member - Kiru! ^o^

1 comment :

  1. I just love these adorable alpacas. One day I hope to have a farm full of real ones, but until then this will fulfill my need for cute fluffiness :)