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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

AMUSE-ing New Kawaii Plushes

Hello, Kiru here! ^o^

As you may remember, a little while back we announced that we are the official UK & Europe distributors of AMUSE products. 

Well t
his week at Tofu Cute we've got some exciting new additions to the website to announce~

In this blog post our cheeky new kawaii plushes have been getting a little too excited in anticipation of going online, we managed to catch some of their antics while they were waiting for their fancy photo-shoots.

The first of our newest products is the Amuse Mount Fuji Plush Keychain/◉ ᴗ ◉\
Mt Fuji is a very famous, beautiful mountain. It is the highest mountain in Japan, it last erupted in 1707–08. The mountain lies about 100 kilometres south-west of Tokyo, and can be seen from there on a clear day. Mt Fuji is very precious to the Japanese as it is one of their 3 holy mountains and is regarded as a very sacred special place.

Our Mt Fuji key-chains come in 5 different adorable designs, 'Determined' 'Erupting' 'Winter Snow' 'Spring Blossom' and 'Sympathetic'. Which one is your favourite?

As well as each one having a different expression and personality, with the added bonus of having a special Micro Fibre underside, perfect for keeping your laptop or mobile screen clean (・_・ヾ
You have to keep an eye on them though, as they are very energetic and quite mischievous!

Our next exciting new product is the absolutely irresistible Amuse Shiny Wooly Sheep Plush Keychain, these darling little sheep are super soft and squeezable. They come in 5 colours, the pink and purple have little polka dot bows and cute little eyelashes! ~(˘▾˘~) Each one of them is around 10cm in height, just the right size to fit into the palm of your hand~

They are great companions to have around and get on very well with Alpacas~ Sometimes a little too well!

Many people get Alpacas's and Sheep mixed up! ( ̄(エ) ̄)ゞ We asked them to line up so we can point out the difference!

On the left is Shiny Wooly! Sheep are woolly and circular, with little curly horns and little legs.
They especially enjoy hair accessories and being pampered.

To the far right we have an Alpaca. They have short little legs with slightly long necks and slightly pointy faces, they like fashion accessories and hats and are known to have a real sweet tooth when it comes to cake.

In the middle we have... well.. we have an Alpaca cube. Don't judge him just because he isn't very tall. Cube Alpacas love to cook and have a real gift for sports, especially basket ball. (^_<)

Which brings me to our next exciting new product, Alpacasso Alpaca Plush Cube Charm!
Alpaca's come in many forms, these are a special Japanese breed: known as 'Cubes' (ó㉨ò)
These darling little creatures come in 5 charming colours with the added bonus, just like the Mt. Fuji's, of having a special Micro Fibre underside, perfect for keeping your laptop or mobile screen clean.

Moving swiftly on before the cuteness overload finally takes us all over.

Next up are the : Amuse Gororin Panda Mini-Case Keychains
These adorable little plushy pandas are little handy cases with little ball chains for you to secure them to your purse/bag or keys. There are 5 different pandas to choose from. Pandas are quite lazy and don't like to do too much, but they do love a nice chat over some delicious Matcha Pocky. Which one do you like the best? (* >ω<)

Our last new exciting product for you this week is a chibi version of one of our recent products, the Heart Full Alpacas. These are their teeny tiny babies! Aren't they adorable? (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

They are called: Alpacasso Mini Alpaca Heartful Plush Charm 
Each tiny little fuzzy Heart Full Alpaca comes on a stretchy looped chord for easy application to your bags and keys! They are known to be quite shy so you need to be gentle with them and give them lots of love.

Although they are quite shy, when they meet up with other kawaii friends they unleash their fun side. \(^▽^=)ノ

Well that's everything for this week; we have so many adorable kawaii characters waiting to go to brand new homes! Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and make sure you check out all our cute  Amuse products on our website! (>ω<)b

Until next time,

Your social media team member Kiru! ^o^

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