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Friday, 3 October 2014

Tasty New Chocolatey Snacks

Hello, Kiru here ^o^

As you may have seen in our previous post, over these past few weeks we've had a large influx of lots of brand new delicious snacks all the way from Japan!
Because we have so many new snacks to show off we are decided to split them into two posts~
One featuring our new candy products which we posted previously, and today's post which will feature our newest biscuits and chocolate.
We're psyched! 
Let's get the ball rolling with our first product. Glico Japanese Matcha Chocolate Pocky. 
Pocky is probably the most famous of all Japanese sweet snacks, and is popular in many countries all over the world. Pocky are tasty crunchy biscuit sticks coated with delicious glazed frosting, with gaps at the ends just big enough for you to hold them without getting sticky fingers!
Japanese Matcha Chocolate is a combination of the delicious refined taste of matcha, which is Japanese for Green Tea Power, and creamy milk chocolate. Matcha Chocolate Pocky compared to Matcha Mouse is less creamy yet the flavour is more true to real, sweetened matcha. This is a must-try for all green tea fans, or anyone wanting to try a taste of Japan.
Sticking with the matcha theme, the next snack is a new product by Meiji and is part of the 'Rich' range, where each snack contains a high quantity of the real food the flavour is derived from, such as our Meiji Rich 70% Strawberry and Banana chocolate bars.
Meiji Rich Matcha Cream Biscuits are made of 51% matcha powder so you can be assured of a true creamy and delicious matcha flavour from these unique snacks. Each box contains three individual packs, each with two biscuits inside. This is great for those of you who want to savour them and not have them go stale too quickly. The biscuits themselves are made up of two rich chocolate flavoured crunchy halves a little like Oreo cookies. Each biscuit has a layer of the silky rich matcha cream sandwiched in the middle. The richness of the chocolatey biscuits and the sweet yet slightly bitter matcha make for a delicious true taste of Japan,

If you are a fan of matcha and green tea then here is a link to all of our current matcha products at Tofu Cute!

Now lets move to our next exciting product: Bourbon Every Burger Hamburger Biscuits
These interesting biscuits are shaped to look just like delicious burgers with a creamy chocolate filling, each biscuits is 
glazed with sugar and lightly sprinkled with real sesame seeds, to closely resemble a real miniature hamburger. How adorable is that? ^^ The packaging has a cute little hamburger and brightly coloured lettering, the overall design is reminiscent of fast food packaging to fully immerse you in the kawaii burger experience! 

Next we have a huge throw back to Tofu Cute past, Pucca Cream Pretzels~! It's been a while old friend ^^ ♥ 
For those of you that don't remember Pucca, Pucca is yet another delicious snack from the Meiji company. The outer shell is a lightly salted cocoa infused crunchy biscuit with a sweet creamy filling. Each box is covered in delightful brightly coloured designs with little dressed up Pucca! Each Pucca is shaped like any one of 8 different sea creatures, and if you're lucky you might find a very special mystery shape! We currently have two delicious flavours to try here at Tofu Cute, succulent strawberry and rich creamy chocolate. 

The last two products are both made by Meiji and are a little bit special!

Meiji Apollo Feel Mint Chocolate Cones
The first is an exciting summer collaboration between refreshing Meiji Feel mint, which is a two layered chocolate stick with a tasty layer of cooling mint chocolate and the adorable moreish Meiji Apollo strawberry cones.
The overall shape of the product is the same as regular strawberry Apollo but with the added twist of having the refreshing cool taste of feel mint on the top!
The packaging is a fantastic fusion of both Feel Mint and Apollo creating this amazing limited edition packaging.  >< Collect it while it lasts!

Meiji Apollo Tsubu Heart Ichigo ChocolateTo celebrate Apollo's 45th anniversary the second exciting Apollo item is this gorgeous giant heart shape Apollo. Each Apollo, due to its larger size is individually wrapped inside a lovely strawberry decorated packet. The Apollo has its scrumptious signature strawberry flavour with a special difference, the strawberry is made from a rich tsubu mixture with 5 times the amount of strawberry in than normal Apollo. Tsubu is where the real pieces of fruit are infused into the creamy chocolate to create a truer fruity sensation. These mouth watering chocolates are extremely romantic and would make a lovely gift to a loved one or even as a loving treat to yourself! ;3
That's all of our latest products for now, thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope you enjoy sampling all of these tasty treats for yourselves! Let us know which ones you enjoy the most and keep and eye out on our website for lots more new exciting products coming soon!

Until next time, your social media team member

Kiru! ^o^

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