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Monday, 22 December 2014

Let's Learn About: Puccho

Hi there everyone! Kiru Here ^o^

This week we are going to start a new type of blog post~

It will be a series called "Let's Learn About: " In each post we will learn interesting facts, such as the history of all different types of Japanese Products! We will discuss all different flavours and also take an in depth look into the products themselves.

Let's get started!(〜^∇^)〜

Let's Learn About: Puccho

Who makes Puccho? ⊂( ・ ̫・)⊃

Puccho are made by a Japanese confectionery company called UHA which was established in 1949.
Fun fact: UHA stands for Unique Human Adventure~
UHA make all different kinds of foods, not just candy, they have a motto which is 'Deliciousness is Gentleness' UHA believe that the pursuit of foods that are delicious will lead you to bettering your
health and overall well-being. 
Fun Fact: UHA is also a play on words in Japanese. UHA (pronounced YUU HA).UHA=YUU(pleasure)|HA(waves) symbolizing their wish to provide pleasure through their foods, quietly and gently like calm waves. 
They also name their confectioneries YUU(=pleasure)]SHOKU(=food) which means food that is fun to eat.

Here is a teeny tiny picture of UHA's headquarters in Japan~ How cool is that? (◐ω◑ )


What is Puccho? (ノ≧ڡ≦)

Puccho is a unique chewy Japanese candy, with the consistency of 'taffy' that slowly dissolves in your mouth as you chew (a little like Starburst/Chewits/Hi-chew). The base flavour of all Puccho is creamy and yoghurty, however Puccho come in all different flavours from different sodas to fruits and more.

What makes Puccho special? (・∀・)

Well that would be the delicious gummy ball pieces embedded inside, which accentuate the flavour of the candy. Any Puccho which is based on a tangy or fizzy flavour also contains fizzy rocks of sherbet that simulate the sensation of delicious tongue tingling sodas!

Lets take a closer look! 

Puccho Cola (´∀`)♡

This is Puccho Cola!

Flavour: This tasty puccho has a deliciously fizzy cola flavour, with a creamy yoghurt taste!
Colour: Brown and white stripes with cola coloured gummy balls
Added Extras: Rocks of sherbet that are fizzy and melt in your mouth as you chew!
Best Point: What more could you want from a candy? Fizzy, gummy and chewy all within one sumptuous snack!

Puccho is often presented in cute, bright coloured packaging such as this. Usually Puccho comes in a stick of 10 individually wrapped chews! The individual wrappers for the chews are covered in tiny silver embossed drawings of little cheeky Puccho's getting up to all kinds of mischief. It's fun to unravel one and see what they are up to.

On the sides of the Puccho packages there are always little diagrams of the puccho with a desciption of the flavour itself. Sometimes this is in English and other times it is in Japanese! So get your Japanese dictionary's ready! (*_*)/

You may also notice on various Puccho packaging, a little milk character, that is because along with UHA's motto about food that betters your health, each Puccho contains a little calcium to help with growing bones and strong teeth! (although you must remember to brush your teeth after eating any sugary snacks!)

The adorable milk character has even been a tissue roll dispenser! 

There are a huge variety of flavours!
(below are all the flavours ever stocked at Tofu Cute but of course there are many more~)

Puccho at Tofu Cute - Click to be linked to our Puccho page!

Lets look at some other flavours of Puccho~ 
Puccho - Kumamon Grapefruit ʕ ·(エ)· ʔ

Flavour: Wanbai Pomelo, an extra sweet and juicy grapefruit flavour
Colour: Deep bright yellow with orange coloured gummies
Added Extras: No fizzy bits, however the packaging features Kumamon as he is the mascot of Kumamoto where this fruit is from.
Best point: If you love sour sweets or flavours with a zing to them this is definitely a lovely choice for you!

Gonpachi's photo in Causeway Bay )
If you look closely at the back of the table you can see the famous Kumamoto Grapefruit with Kumamon! 
Puccho - Grape  ヽ(^。^)

Flavour: This is, to me, one of the most distinct flavours of Japanese candy, its the of taste of Japanese Grape which is sweeter and creamier than natural grapes from the supermarket.
Colour: Unlike its Grape Stripe counter part, this puccho has a chewy grape core with grape gummies embedded inside, it is then surrounded with a creamy yoghurty outter layer. meaning that the flavours come one after another rather than together like the Grape Stripe.
Best point: If you love Japanese Grape Fanta, or the special rare flavour of Japanese grape these are more-ish and a signature flavour of Japan!

Puccho - Grape Stripe (・∀・)

Flavour: Grape Stripe is Japanese grape flavour with stripes of yoghurt flavour. The gummies are a rich Japanese grape flavour. Totally addictive too~
Colour: Purple stripes of grape flavour mixed with white stripes of creamy yoghurt with dark purple tangy grape gummies leave a taste sensation as the yoghurt and grape flavours are experienced together for a creamier experience.
Best point: Aside from the delicious flavour of Japanese grape the awesome colouring of this candy is super cute and very inviting!

Puccho - Melon ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Flavour: Puccho Melon flavour is based on the Honey Dew melon which is a favourite flavour in Japan and throughout Asia! ~Another favourite is Watermelon, but we'll get to that later.
Colour: The colour of this Puccho is a creamy white as melon is not strong in colour! The gummies are a yellow colour like the skin of honeydew melon~
Added Extras?: This puccho is simply delicious! It has an adorable kawaii melon character on the packaging!
Best Point: This particular flavour's cute character has been used for all sorts of Puccho merchandise!

Puccho Candy Tissue Box Holder

Puccho Melon Mini Bento Tote Bag
Puccho Melon Mini Bento Tote Bag

Puccho Melon Rubber Key Cover
Puccho Melon Rubber Key Cover

Puccho - Watermelon (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Flavour: Watermelon is a very popular flavour in Japan, especially in summer. It's popular for is cooling taste and ability to share easily as well as how aesthetically pleasing it is.
Colour: The colour is white and creamy with juicy red coloured gummies, reminiscent of the flesh of a watermelon.
Best Point: This firm favourite is very popular for its unusual flavour and refreshing taste, especially in warm weather!

Puccho - Miracle (。♥‿♥。)

Flavour: How does one describe the flavour of miracles? Well this is Miracle Puccho! It has all different flavour of fruity gummies inside meaning that this has no single flavour. (⊙▽⊙)?
Colour: The colour is white and creamy with delicious stripes of fruity flavour all over it, as previously mentioned it contaions coloured gummies, bursting with all sorts of fruits and sodas.
Best Point: This is a customer favourite because lets face it, it has a flavour to suit every taste! And who doesn't want to taste a miracle!? This particular flavour of Puccho is also available in awesome packaged grab bags in all different cool designs.

Puccho Ultra Miracle Grab Bag
(the bottom left product will be available on Tofu Cute soon!)

Special Editions - Puccho + Shokugan 

Now onto something a little special~ 

Puccho - Kumamon Puccho World Candy with Charm

Introducing a very special addition to the Puccho family - Kumamon World is a limited edition mouth-watering fruity citrus Puccho which comes with a cute collectible phone charm. This is known as shokugan (candy toy) in Japan. The Puccho itself is the same as the Puccho - Kumamon Grapefruit, featuring his treasured Kumamoto Grapefruit. There are 12 different adorable Kumamon phone charm figures to collect. Each figure is blind boxed in a little packet separate to the sweets, so it will be a surprise which one you get. But as everyone knows, Kumamon loves Puccho a lot, so expect him to be posing with the Puccho mascot!

ストラップが増えて12種類になったモン!『ぷっちょ くまモンワールド2』

Here as some other examples of Puccho Shokugan:

On the top left we have a One Piece special edition, which is a very popular Shounen(show for teenage boys) Manga and Anime. As you can see there were 10 different figures to collect for the show. Underneath that we can see as Disney edition, based on the classical Disney characters. (You'll be excited to know there is a new Disney Pixar edition which will shortly be available on TofuCute.com) To the right there is an AKB48 collection. AKB48 are a very famous all female idol group from Akihabara in Tokyo which has a striking amount of members, each Puccho figure is of course a different member of AKB48! The girl group also did many promotional adverts with Puccho where you would see them turn into the cute little Puccho figures you can collect!

Puccho World - AKB48: Peta Strap (12pcs) (Shokugan)

Here are some of the AKB48 puccho characters! Cute aren't they?

If you are interested in Puccho and want to know a little more, you can check out the Puccho official website where there are all sorts of games and cute puccho characters as well as new products and interesting articles.

www.puccho.jp or visit their facebook page and drop them a like: www.facebook.com/pucchokun

Thank you very much for reading this in-depth post on Puccho and I hope you have learnt something new about Puccho! (I know I sure have ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)~) If you want to try Puccho please take a moment to visit our website and see what Puccho we have in store! Often Japanese companies like to make all sorts of different flavours for the season, which means that many flavours are often limited for a certain time period! So many flavours will come and go, make sure you get to try them all~

For now, we here at Tofu Cute wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~・*:.。(yωy*)

Until next time, your social media team member - Kiru ^o^

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