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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Shop Snapshot and Stationery

Hi there again, Kiru here ^o^

So it's been a little while since our last post as it's been rather busy here at Tofu Cute~

Not only have we had our offices renovated and a shop to run but we've also had a few conventions keeping us busy, which were fantastic~ It was lovely to see some friendly faces after the winter break from events.

At the moment it's the Easter Holidays here in (currently) sunny Portsmouth and we have had a lovely flow of wonderful customers in our shop who have travelled, sometimes, many hours just to pay a visit to us! We feel very honoured \(>#<)/

This week we'll take a little look at the shop and some new products that are available online and in-store!

This is our current window display at the moment~ We're between seasons currently and have a surplus of lots of adorable smaller items so we thought we would use them time to really show them off so passers by can take in the lovely detail of Japanese Kawaii gifts. (^o^)/

As you can see it's a super cute display! Each one of our own brand Tote bags is surrounded by adorableness~ Keychains, phone holders, stationery and cases! We even threw in some "Easter" Eggs to get in the spirit of it all! (*^-^*)

Moving on, inside the shop!
We've not too long ago received lots of new stationery items which have been gracing our grid-walls ever since~ Including our new adorable Panda shaped Stapler! How cute is that? (((>O<))) and just below it you can see our new Animal Vitamin Pill Pens! 

Animal Vitamin Pill Retractable Pen 3-Pack

These super cute pens are disguised as little vitamin pills with kawaii animal faces including a black cat, purple mouse, green frog, beige hamster, polar bear and brown bear. Each pack comes as a set of 3 as they get a little lonely and don't like to be separated. They all come in super cute Korean-designed packaging that looks like a cute little jar. The pens are a very handy size to keep in your pocket or bag, and they pull open and extend out to reveal a fully usable 12.5cm long ballpoint pen!

Animal Vitamin Pill Retractable Pen 3-Pack

We currently have lots of new exciting pens and pencils! Some of them are erasable so after you use them, if you make a mistake it can be rubbed out.

Next we have another new product, these are one of our prettiest lines of stationery to date!

Hello Kitty Desserts Charm Fineliner Pen

These super cute fine-liner pens are perfect for any Hello Kitty lover! There are four lovely pastel colours to collect, and each one has a matching coloured Hello Kitty face jewel-like charm, and cute dessert themed charm. The charms are attached to a ball-chain which can be removed from the pen lid, to be mixed and matched with each other - or, added to a keyring or small bag! These pens are perfect for Hello Kitty fans of all ages due to their cute and unique design!  Kawaii and fun enough for a younger fan and perfectly elegant for a more mature fan! You just can't go wrong with these adorable pens~

Hello Kitty Desserts Charm Fineliner Pen

Kawaii Bear Cupcake Mechanical Pencil

One of our newest products is this adorable Kawaii Bear Cupcake Mechanical Pencil series.
Each colour comes with a sweet little cup cake on the top with the face of a bear! Lucky the cake is not edible as its far too cute to eat~
The cup cake pops off of the stem which allows you to mix and match your cup cakes >o<
The stem is also removable to allow for easy refill. Perfect if you love baking, bears or plain kawaii-ness~ ♥

Kawaii Bear Cupcake Mechanical Pencil

Sticky Marker Peep Out 

Next we have a brand new range of Sticky Marker ^^
The peep out series is our newest (and possibly cutest?) range of sticky notes, where these helpful little creatures pop out from behind the pages to wave at you so as you'll never lose your place. 
As you can see there are adorable cat paws, pandas, alpacas. shiba pups, bears and kittens!
With so many adorable critters too choose from, you're bound to want to keep working just as an excuse to see them peeping out at you~ Which Sticky Marker Peep Out is your favourite?  

Sticky Marker Peep Out - Alpacas

Here's a little peek at one of our cubbyholes in our window display, as you can see these charming stationery items would grace any desk or study area perfectly~ Because as you know something that brings a smile to your face is always needed when you have a long day of work or study ahead (>-<)

We are super excited about these Letter sets~ Perfect for all those aspiring to have a kawaii pen pal~
These rare and super kawaii letter paper sets are sure brighten up your day and are sure to put a smile on the face of the lucky recipients! Each set includes 2 envelopes, 2 lined pieces of letter writing papers and 2 die cut character themed note papers which all include lines~ Each set is themed to add to the super sweet atmosphere. There is a Fast Food set, a Forest Mushroom set, a pudding set and a kawaii milk set! This means you can choose to best suit the person you are writing too or to match a gift you have for them. Nothing says thoughtful like a personalised letter and these certainly do the job!   

Mameshiba Stationery

Last but certainly not least these are some of our brand new mameshiba inspired stationery which as you can includes erasable gel pens, sharpeners and rulers that come in a variety of beans just like the mameshiba~

For those of you who don't know Mameshiba. Mameshiba is a Japanese short animation of a little bean that pop out of your food and tells you a slightly unusual and often unpleasant fact. He comes in many forms of different types of bean and is very popular due to its 'Cute x Strange' themes.

Click on the image bellow to view some of Mameshiba's short animated clips.

Well that's all for the moment but there will be some new exciting products on our website very soon!
Hint: Unbelievably adorable and immensely fluffy (@_@)
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and we look forward to seeing you at our shop or at an event soon!

Until next time~

Kiru ^o^)/

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