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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Tofu Cute Meets Real Alpacas

Hello! Kiru here! ^o^)/

To celebrate our recent Waku Waku Fuwa Fuwa Takeover the Tofu Cute Team went to meet the stars of the show up close and personal!~ o(≧∇≦o)

But first what was our Waku Waku Fuwa Fuwa Takeover you ask? \\(*O*?)

Alpacasso Amuse Plushie Waku Waku Fuwa Fuwa Takeover!

Well, as you may know Tofu Cute is the official UK & European distributors of Amuse!~
Genuine Amuse can be tricky to find these days amongst the many bootleg copies. Tofu Cute is doings its best now to make sure authentic products are available to all Amuse's kawaii fans! 
To celebrate we launched an event where we dropped the prices of our current Amuse products and added loads of new exciting and adorable new series to the website everyday for a whole week!~
These items ranged from teeny tiny charms to huge cuddly giant plushes and many many more in between. 

Here are a few of the fluffy critters featured throughout the Takeover:

For those who don't know who Amuse are, they are the Japanese company responsible for making Genuine Alpacasso, which I am sure many of you are familiar with by now. These plushies originally became popular in UFO catcher arcade machines in Japan. Alpacasso is the most famous of all the types of plushies Amuse make and have become a sort of 'trending kawaii staple item' that every kawaii fan must have!(。>ω<)。

These are our new giant alpaca from the "Good Night" series, you can find them on our website available now while stocks last! ^^ Alpacasso Giant Good Night Alpaca Plush

Lets meet some real alpacas (^-^)

Alpacas have become so popular over the past few years but many people still mistake our adorable Alpacasso alpacas for llamas (shocking!! ;-;) and even sheep (the horrors T_T). So we wanted to go and meet these charming creatures to show everyone what Alpacas are, and how fluffingly adorable they can be.

Lets learn the difference between Alpacas and Llamas:

This is a llama 
  • Llamas have coarse shaggy hair 
  • They are very strong and carry heavy loads
  • Llamas are taller than alpacas 
  • They very brave and inquisitive
  • Llamas often act as herd guards
  • Llamas also are known to spit (>~<;;)

These are alpacas

  • Alpacas have soft luxurious hair
  • They are smaller than llamas
  • They also don't spit and are more polite
  • They are also quite clever and can learn tricks
  • Alpacas are extremely timid 
  • Alpacas always need protection (;♥ ^ ♥;)

The Adventure Begins.. Let's walk Alpacas ((*♥ω♥*))
The staff here at Tofu Cute went to meet some Alpacas and take them for a little walk in the British country side. We went to our local Alpaca sanctuary called Dunreyth Alpacas ( you can visit their website by clicking this link: http:www.dunreythalpacas.co.uk)

Once we arrived we were greeted by a whole herd of Alpacas~
They were so cute and super fluffy, we were lucky to walk them just before their Annual shear for the summer (otherwise they get too hot poor things) We each got to choose an Alpaca and after plenty of intense "squeeeeing and awwwing" the walk began (((♥A♥))) We even bought along our own old Rainbow Alpaca as a Tofu Cute Team Mascot~  Can you spot him? (his name is Brian) ( ^o^)/

So off we went on a lovely walk with our new friends~
Zanni's alpaca was so cute and fluffy, his name was Dakota ♥ (XoX)
Zanni chan has been with Tofu Cute since the very beginning and is in fact the member of Tofu Cute responsible for all our Alpaca love! Alpacas are one of Zanni's favourite animals, for this walk she wore lots of adorable Alpacasso charms as accessories~ What a great idea! (*o*) Can you see the Alpacasso Tsumiko Tsum Tsum in Zanni's hair?

We strolled up a country path in the glorious sunshine, the alpacas had a munch on the foliage along the way~ Some more than other's! My alpaca was particularly peckish and stopped numerous times to have a little nibble, he ended up slowing the whole group down! What a naughty alpaca! ((>o<;;))

Once we got to the top of the hill we had a break to let the alpacas rest for a bit, but as you can see they were still raring to go again~


This is Wee chan and Bobbu chan with their alpacas Gonzo and Barron.
Bobbu, like Zanni has been with Tofu Cute since the very beginning, his favourite Japanese Characters are Gudetama and Kumamon! Bobbu also loves Inari Nigiri~ Wee chan is one of Tofu Cute's longest serving member staff, she loves all things creepy cute, her favourite Japanese characters are Kuromi, and Bon Bon Ribbon, she loves everything cute and fluffy! ^^ 

This is Riv chan and her alpaca Horatio. Riv chan is our newest member of staff, as you can see she loves My Little Pony, mermaids and Gudetama! If you haven't met her yet you may see her at an upcoming event sometime this year!

This is me (Kiru ^o^) with my Alpaca George. I've been with Tofu Cute as long as Wee chan, my favourite Japanese characters are Rilakkuma Mamegoma and Funassyi. ♥((*A* ))
I coordinated my outfit to emulate my Rainbow alpaca with alpaca-y style hair and alpaca accessories!

After our walk it was time to say good bye to our fluffy friends~ We were so sad to leave!
They were so quiet and gentle and very well mannered. As you can see alpacasso alpacas look so much like real alpacas with their short fluffy legs, full round fluffy bodies and cute stubby nozzles.

One last group shot with the Dunreyth Alpaca statue! We all posed with our favourite alpaca plushies from Tofu Cute.
Here is a link to all of our alpaca goodies: tofucute.com/alpacas  \((^O^))/
You can find small charms, keychains, small plushies and huge huggable giant plushies and many more useful alpaca themed things such as cases, stickers and plugys.

Thank you so much for reading our blog, we hope you liked meeting the alpacas as much as we did!
We also hope you enjoyed meeting some of our staff and we look forward to meeting you all at our next event which is Hyper Japan Summer 2015! We hope to see you there~ (>o^)/

Until next time,

Your social media team member Kiru! ^o^