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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Tofu Cute supports Pride

Hi there again! Kiru here (^o^)

As you may know the Tofu Cute Shop is located in Portsmouth, in the South of the UK.
This week was Portsmouth's first Annual LGBT Pride Parade and we of course went along to show our support.

Part of the Tofu Cute mentality is the belief that everyone should be free to be themselves with no prejudice.

Panda Chan even made a cameo appearance sporting a colourful Rainbow Tie!
Zanni-Chan wore a pair of Alpacasso Bridal Keychains in her hair, two grooms on one side and two brides on the other! What a sweet idea~ ♥(^-^ )

It was a very colourful and loud procession! We wore our most colourful outfits and brought along as many rainbow items as possible, including Rainbow Pocky and Rainbow Alpacas~
It was very moving to see so many people come together to support such a fantastic cause!

Panda Chan and Bobbu-Chan really got into the spirit of the event! The parade moved into the town centre along Portsmouth main high street, it was greeted with a surprisingly positive response~ ((^O^))/

We were very happy to be invited to participate as we feel very strongly about all of the fantastic meanings behind this cause. We feel that Pride is also about acceptance of all people, about how they project themselves and the way that society welcomes each other with open arms.

We understand that many of our wonderful customers are people who can relate to these issues and we here at Tofu Cute make it our aim to make every one of our customers feel welcomed and accepted (♥^ - ^♥)

Thank you very much for reading this blog post, it was a very emotional occasion for us all! It was both a very exciting and fun experience as well as a very important and special moment for our town!
We can't wait to attend again next year~

Until next time,
Your social media team member Kiru! ^o^

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