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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Amuse at Tofu Cute

Hello! Kiru here ^o^

This week we are going to take a look at some of the new and exciting cuties from Amuse!

Our new window display is filled with a kawaii wilderness a little like Jurasic World.. but with more Kawaii and less Dinosaurs! (//^O^//)

Can you spot a few of our newest collections?

♥ Amuse Plushies ♥

We currently have quite a wide range of Alpacasso Kids and Babies in many different sizes ^o^

Some of these series include 'Alpacasso Kids Sweet Day', 'Alpacasso Kids Sherbet' and 'Alpacasso Baby Love Berry'. Each series has a different adorable theme!

The theme of  ♥ Sweet Day ♥ is that each Alpaca is sporting a lovely silky scarf or ribbon with a little heart shaped message printed with the words "for you". These make lovely gifts or even just a treat to yourself!

The theme of ♥ Sherbet ♥ is a delicious pastel coloured shaved ice in tasty sherbet flavours. Each Alpaca has a little tag around its neck in the shape of a fresh bowl of shaved ice, its fur is also slightly shimmery to replicate that of fresh ice. They are extremely plump and very very cute. >.<

Lastly the theme of ♥ Love Berry ♥ is of course berrys! Each Alpacasso baby is decorated with little berry accessories such as little brooches, strawberry shaped hats and little leafy collars.

There is currently a sale going on right now on  Tofu Cute for Amuse Keychains and Charms~
Get yours while our sale lasts!

The Next product we have are these lovely ♥ Fennec Foxes ♥!

Many people don't know what a Fennec Fox is well we are more than happy to show you.

These delightful little critters are known for their large eyes are dark round eyes and of course for being small and insanely cute (>o<) We unfortunately can't adopt them for real ;-; but we can however have them in adorable plush form!

We have these lovely foxes in 3 different sizes and 2 different styles, how exciting. (>w<♥)
Some have little striped neck ties and others have little gingham scarves. There's even a cute little normal golden fox in the for good measure~
You may have also noticed some other animal amongst the Fennec Foxes with slightly smaller ears. (^^) This is a rare series from Amuse ♥ Kawauso Kotsume Otter ♥, we have these sweet little otters available in Keychain form. Each one is slightly different, and there are 4 different otters to collect~ (out favourite is the one holding the fish!)

The next adorable series we are going to look at is ♥ KoroHamu Hamsters ♥! These gorgeous hamster plushies are big and round and fluffy with big lovable eyes, some are even holding little seeds and nibbling away. How could anyone resist?#

They are available in a number of sizes. Charm, Keychain, Small 6 Inch Plush and Giant Plush. We also have something a little special which is a case in the shape of a hamster head. Each case has a different colour lining and ball chain which allows you to attach the case to a bag or set of keys!
You can't get much better than adorable and practical~ (*>o<*)
All of these wonderful items will be available on our website soon!

The last product for today are these lovely and not to mention majestic ♥ Alpacasso Hatter Series ♥.
The hatter series is pretty self explanatory, each Alpaca has its very own little hat in a old fashioned vintage style. Some of them even have little polka-dot ribbons.

 One of these is an odd one out... can you guess which one? It's the blonde one with the little cowboy style hat. He is in fact a Llama! Amuse occasionally bring out this cheeky chap as a limited edition. (the way to tell is that Alpacasso Llamas have longer ears and are very often natural in colour. (>o^)
So get your hands on this charming Llama before he prances off into the wild-west.
The hatter series is available in Keychain, Small 6 Inch Plush and Giant Plush Size!

Well that's enough cuteness for now, I need to catch my breath from all the "squeeeeing"!
Thank you very for reading this blog post and keep an eye out for more exciting fluffy cuties appearing on our website over the next few weeks~
Until next time,
your social media team memebr Kiru ^o^

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