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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Make Your Desk Kawaii

 Hello again Kiru here! ^o^

Is your work space in need of a little inspiration? It's that time of year again for some~ University and School is back again and some of us need that kawaii-kick-start to get back into the swing of studying!

Well we here at Tofu Cute have plenty of lovely unique pieces of stationery to brighten up each and every desk out there!~ ^^
Let's start with a tool that everybody needs!

An adorable (most importantly portable) version of their work space~ It is of course the mighty pencil case. Complete with lots of compartments and a handy sparkly sharpener. Cute can now be functional too! How could anyone resist? σ(≧ε≦o)

You can find plenty more cases here in our purse and cases section:

♥ Purses and Cases ♥

The next item in the spotlight is a rather rare one!

♥ Kawaii Animal Mechanical Pencil Refill ♥

Everyone has at least one mechanical pencil laying around somewhere.. that they have no-doubt run out or lost the lead. Well fear not! Tofu Cute can solve that issue. Here we have a set of 2 irresistible mechanical pencil refill packs in the shapes of little animals~ Now your long forgotten mechanical pencil pal will never be neglected again (^o^)♥

Gum anyone? These adorable chewing gum shaped Cutty erasers not only come in a set of 4 cute and colourful designs but each one is scented! (strawberry, orange, grape, & melon)
The Pop n Gum erasers come as a set of 4 erasers inside a cool and cute gum pack that you can slide open and closed, the case is perfect storage to avoid them getting dirty! There are 4 different 'flavours' to choose from~ Which flavour do you like best? 
Some may even suggest that these are too cute to use, but we say "go ahead, embrace the kawaii~" The perfect way to erase a mistake is with something adorable to give you the energy boost to try again. \(((>O<)))/

♥ Kawaii Chutty Chewing Scented Eraser ♥

♥ Kawaii Pop'n Bubblegum Eraser ♥

Now that's a pretty good start to achieving the ultimate kawaii desk but what else are we missing?
(Aside from a few tasty snacks.... for...... inspiration (>-^) hua hua hua)

Next we come to pens~ because who can have a kawaii desk without kawaii pens!?

♥ Kawaii Sideways Bear Fineliner ♥

These adorable pens come in 3 different colours, covered in a cute bear pattern, the side reads "Bear's Club We're good friends for you". The sweetest part is that the lid of each pen is a different coloured bear face. Pop them in your pencil case to take a kawaii friend where-ever you go! (They might even help you in a test~)

Yet another rare but very handy and functional item are these packs of pencil caps.

♥ Hello Kitty Masquerade Pencil Caps ♥

Have you ever bought a brand new sparkly pencil case and a few weeks later the inside is covered in marks and lines from where your pencils and pens have drawn all over the inside? Well these lovely lids by Sanrio are perfect for topping any standard sized pen or pencil to stop it ruining your lovely case! Each pack contains 5 different caps in all different colours, each with Hello Kitty masquerading as one of her Sanrio character friends on it, such as My Melody and Pom Pom Purin.

If all of these wonderful pieces of stationery have got you inspired to add to your desk or pencil case then head over to our wonderful Stationery Sections on our website for lots more kawaii pens, pencils, stickers, decotape and so much more!

♥ Pens and Erasers ♥

♥ Paper and Deco ♥

♥ Kawaii Stickers ♥

We hope Tofu Cute can help transform your desk in true "Magical Girl(or Boy!) style" into a wonderful and radiant place, perfect for work, study or just to look at..... (*^ ε ^*)

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog~

Until next time!
Your social media team member Kiru~ ^o^

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