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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Meet Our Tofu Team: River

Hello again ^^ Kiru here!

Here at Tofu Cute we have a tight-knit team of people who work very hard to create this lovely and bubbly pink world that many know and have come to love!

We thought it would be nice to introduce our wonderful customers to some of our delightful Tofu Cute Team!

This week we will be getting to know River~ ^o^

River is one of our newest members of staff but she is already a hugely integral part of our team, we don't know what we'd do without her now! (;_;)

Could you describe a few of your daily tasks as part of the Tofu Cute Team?

I play a large roll in picking and boxing all the web orders we receive! It's my job to select all the items from each order and once the order has been checked it's also my job to pack everything neatly and safely into boxes before it's sent on its way. (*>-<*)

When I’m not doing orders I will be serving in the shop, restocking and tidying. 
You might also have spotted me at our events too! I also help with social media such as facebook, tumblr and twitter.

Who is your favourite kawaii character?

My favourite kawaii character would be either Hello Kitty or Gudetama – maybe a crossbreed? (XAX)
Hello Kitty is one of Sanrio's oldest characters but her cuteness will never fade~ Gudetama on the other hand is one of Sanrio's most recent creations and I just love how odd he is, We have recently begun stocking offical Gudetama goods and I just couldn't help but buy one of each for myself! (♥_♥)

What is your favourite Japanese snack?

I love anything matcha flavor! Matcha is Japanese green tea which I really like! I especially love ♥Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits as the matcha is very rich and creamy. ^-^)/

Do you have a product that you feel is underrated?

Otana Pastry Pie Pocky♥ for sure! It looks like plain chocolate pocky but the chocolate is real milk chocolate as opposed to icing and the stick is super crisp and way better, as its actually made out of pastry mmmm~ ( *o* )

Who is your favourite amuse character?

I love ♥Alpacasso I have multiple giant plush alpacas living in my house~

You're surrounded by kawaii Japanese items all day, do you have any Japanese inspired hobbies in your spare time?

When I’m at home I run my own personal tumblr which is all about Japanese fashion!

♥ rivriv-gyaru.tumblr.com ♥

Do you have favourite moment so far whilst working about Tofu Cute?

Yes! My favourite moment would be going to my very first convention, I was super nervous - but excited! I had lots of fun and learned so much

What are you most looking forward to over the coming year?

Since I haven't been at Tofu Cute a long time I feel like I still have lots of things to experience, so I can’t wait to get more involved and have lots of fun!

Thank you for reading this post~ It was really fun meeting River (#^o^#) We hope you all enjoyed learning a little more about our team, we are really looking forward to introducing you to more of our awesome team! Until next time~ Your social media team member Kiru ^o^

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