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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Candy Festival at Hyper Japan.

Hello everybody! Kiru here~
Some of you may have visited our pop up shop at Hyper Japan last month. If you did you would have seen that we had many interesting areas to visit, including Tofu Cute Snacks, Amuse Mini Shop, The Amuse Photo Opportunity, our sister company Dreamy Bows and last but not least, tucked away at the back, Tofu Cute x Hyper Japan Candy Festival!
This was the 3rd Candy Festival we have run and it was by far the most fun and enjoyable yet! 

For those that haven't been, some may be wondering what Candy Festival is?
Well... Candy Festival is a Japanese snacks tasting area that allows each person to try a wide variety of delicious and kawaii sweet confectionery from Japan.

How does it work?

Well you come on over to our Tofuken Sales Kiosk and purchase some Tofukens for £1 each!
You then receive a tray to put your delicious snacks on..

If you were very good you might also get a Candy Festival sticker which reads "Official Taste Tester" We know that most people come to Hyper Japan just to get these very stickers and then go home. We completely understand.. it's fabulous and also... very..very official. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

You then take your tray over to one of our charming Candy Chefs~ "Hello Chef!"  ( ・ω・)ノ

We had 6 different sections of Japanese Candy to choose from, Biscuits, Candy, Puccho (chewy sweets), Chocolate, Pocky and Japanese Kit Kats~ Some of our "Candy Tasters" would have a flick through their Candy Guide to see what sort of candy they wanted to try, whilst they waited to be served.  

For every Tofuken our Candy Chef would dish you up a portion of lucky dip Japanese candy pick-n-mix~ So it was very exciting~ Too exciting for some ╰(✧∇✧╰)

We had lots of happy Taste Testers~ Some had never tried Japanese Candy before so it was really fun! Some wanted to see what was so cute and kawaii about Japanese snacks~ And now they know all about it  ♪(((#^-^)八(^_^*)))♪

We got some really cool photographs of lots of yummy looking trays. As you can see there was quite a lot of variety. Everyone got to try lots of different flavours, shapes and sizes of Japanese snacks.
Here are some awesome examples of what sort of candy you might get from Candy Festival~

Thank you for reading our Blog and we hope you enjoyed learning about Candy Festival. If you did attend Hyper Japan and participated in Candy Festival we would love to know what you thought of it~ (^O^)?

And last of all a huge thank you from all the Tofu Cute team for making Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2015 one of the best and most amazing events we have ever done!

From everyone here at Tofu Cute we wish you all a very Merry Christmas ~ and the best of wishes for 2016.  See you all next year~

Your social media team member
Kiru ^o^

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  1. So many cute images. Love the taste tester idea. Great job!