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Monday, 25 April 2016

Wooly-chan's Japan Adventure Part 1

Tadaima~ Kiru back again! ^o^

As some of you may have known, I've been away in Japan with my little Baby Wooly buddy~ 
I thought it might be nice to share what myself and Wooly-chan got up to on our Japan adventures! 

So here we are the evening before we leave~ Wooly-chan is ready and super excited! As you can see he's going with Rilakkuma and Monchhichi as he's a little afraid of flying~

On the left is Wooly in Heathrow Airport London waiting to board our plane to Japan~ He was very excited as he hadn't been back to Japan since he was born!
When we left the UK it was beginning to get dark and when we finally arrived in Japan it was also dark, so it felt as though we had been travelling for a whole day (which wasn't far from the truth) (>o<;;)zZz

After a good nights rest we settled into our apartment in the south of Tokyo and then we set off exploring for the day.

We went to the famous Meguro River where we saw our first Cherry Blossoms of the season~ They were so beautiful and nearly as big as Wooly-chan!

After a long day of walking around we decided it was time to have some nice and healthy Sushi!

We hopped on a train in Tokyo and traveled all the way to Hakone, which is a beautiful Onesen town famous for its relaxing hot spring baths and views of Mt. Fuji! Sadly it was a bit too cloudy to see Mt. Fuji this time but the town itself was very reminiscent of Spirited away~ It was very peaceful and dreamlike (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

After a relaxing day Wooly-Chan and I settled into our traditional Japanese style room, which consists of Tatami mats with futon bedding and of course a lovely steaming hot cup of green tea!
Unfortunately Wooly-Chan had watched far too many Japanese horror movies ((( 〇A〇)) and insisted on checking that the cupboard didn't have any spooky ghosts in before he got ready for bed.

That's all for now as Wooly Chan became rather sleepy (=o=zZz
Thank you very much for reading our blog post. Keep an eye out for our next post when Wooly-Chan and Kiru go to Kyoto in part 2 of Wooly Chan's Japan Trip~

Until next time! Part 2 coming soon~
Your Social Media Team Member
Kiru ^o^

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